Check out our collection of learning videos on Youtube.


Join the learning frog on the counting log in this free 5 part video series on addition.  Joined by his guitar playing duck friend, the learning frog hops along a counting log giving a visual representation to go along with simple mathematical equations.

Math can be challenging.  By making learning fun and engaging, your child will retain more information and have a head start on school.  Your children can explore learning with the Learning Cat today!




“How to make learning fun,” you ask?  Follow the Learning cat and his dino friend as they chomp letters through the desert.  Dinosaur has only one mission and that’s chomping letters.    With the help of his friend the Learning Cat , T-Rex runs through the desert chomping numbers in this free series of videos.

Prepare your child for school by learning the alphabet.    Introducing children to letters at an early age is a way to ensure that they will have a head start going into preschool or kindergarten.

Join learning cat as he takes a crack at being a cowboy and corralling his dinosaur buddy in this fun video.





Check out our collection of learning videos on Youtube.